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Julie Miller, Founder

Julie is a San Francisco native and has produced corporate and non-profit meetings and events since 1994. She is upbeat, gracious and diplomatic and has great appreciation for being of service. She meets vendors and clients with a high level of professionalism and personal courtesy, making her a gifted collaborator with an ability to effectively lead large, diverse teams of staff and vendors. Julie is uniquely skilled at addressing challenges on-site during events and fostering a calm environment in high-pressure situations. She produces meetings and events for organizations and companies in spaces such as environmental advocacy, technology, finance, pharma and healthcare.

Prior to founding her business in 2000, she worked on the SFMOMA events management team and developed an invaluable expertise in venue operations, managing large, complex events during the dot-com boom. Before to her time at SFMOMA, she coordinated projects for a strategic development, fundraising and special events firm, often political and non-profit events with national and international thought leaders. Today, she continues to enjoy helping clients navigate the intricacies of complex meeting and event logistics.

QuickFox Team

The QuickFox extended team consists of industry veterans who manage and assist with programs, providing pre-conference and event support and on-site management. They are meeting and event professionals with expertise in various areas including program management, transportation coordination, food and beverage operations, registration processes, technical and audio-visual support, and auction logistics. Like all QuickFoxes, they are known for their swiftness of thought and action, sure-footedness, keen observation skills, and ability to adapt to their surroundings and appear invisible when necessary.