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The Yosemite Conservancy

Yosemite Falls Project Dedication

Event: We worked with The Yosemite Fund to orchestrate a three-day program to celebrate the completion of the Yosemite Falls Project – a $14 million restoration of 52 acres of pristine ecosystem at the base of the world famous Yosemite Falls. The event drew 1,000 attendees and activities included guided hikes and bike rides, receptions, picnics, dinners, and meetings, culminating in the Public Dedication held among the trees at the base of the falls.

Décor: Yosemite’s stunning natural beauty provided most of the décor for the outdoor program. Complimenting Mother Nature were subtle highlights of gorgeous linens, candlelight, and natural forest-inspired centerpieces.

Unique Feature: Tension ran high ahead of the outdoor event because snow was predicted for the day of the Dedication – snow in the High Sierra can easily stack up in excess of four feet in no time. We anxiously watched the weather hourly in those last few days, but were relieved to wake to clear skies the morning of the Dedication. The sun shined brightly over the stage at the opening of the ceremony, lighting up the booming falls in the background and the festivities for the day, before giving way the next day to a foot of fresh snow.

Photos: Josh Helling

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